The Company

MBD Steel Detailers is a company dedicated to the detailing of all kinds of structural steel and piping. We can generate the building´s 3D model together with the shop and erection sets of drawings, for the structural and miscellaneous steel. We also provide our customers with different reports and advanced lists of material, which expedite material ordering and ease shop fabrication and site erection.


The company was founded as a response to the growing need for quickly executed projects of high quality that the market started to demand. Lenin Millar and Richard Díaz –Senior Detailers with a vast experience and recognized reputation- united to start this entrepreneurship project and to face these market´s new challenges. The offices were strategically settled in Santiago downtown and the recruiting process started, bringing to the company the most experienced detailers, who are still working for us.


It is important for us to offer our customers the peace of mind of entrusting their projects to a company that works with a state-of-the-art software and legitimately. MBD has their own licenses of the software SDS/2, Design Data. Please visit, and enter our authentication code (e0p8p) to see our legal user register, and also to review all the fantastic characteristics and possibilities that this software offers, such as creation of a 3D model which ensures a perfect fit-up of the steel elements, which also reports automatically any clashing between steel elements (or with other disciplines through a BIM modeling coordination); automatic generation of connections, running of a wide variety of customizable reports, among many others.


MBD has an expertise, quality and capacity widely recognized in the market (the American and the Chilean), which has allowed us, especially during these last years, to reach an advanced position among our competitors.




PASAJE PHILLIPS 40, OFICINA 53, SANTIAGO - (56-2) 3224 2120 - (56-2) 3224 2152